Bits of Bliss: 10 for $10 (or under)

When I was searching online recently, I noticed that almost every blog post, YouTube video tutorial, and website that shares beauty advice, offers products that are usually pretty expensive (sometimes upwards of $60 for an eyeshadow palate. Really!?). It occurred to me that a purchase of one of these items can be considered a big splurge for some. I actually know quite a few women who don’t spend more than that on all of their makeup items put together, and they always look incredibly polished and chic! So that being said, I wanted to share 10 items that I use almost every day that bring me a little bit of bliss. The bonus is that each of these will cost you $10 dollars or less! They are all worth a try and won’t break the bank, although  after you try them out I bet you will look and feel like a million bucks!

**Do you have products that you love that are $10 or under? Share in the comments section below! I’d love to hear about your faves!**

10 for 10 land

  • Dove Nourishing Body Wash- “Almond Cream with Hibiscus”- $8.99 (

Not only does it smell AHHH-MAY-ZING, but it is also creamy and sudsy all at once, and moisturizes like a dream! Your skin will smell wonderful long after you shower and feel supple and moisturized. BLISS!

  • Essie Nail Polish in “Chinchilly” (or any color, really)- $8.50 (

While $8.50 may seem a little expensive for a bottle of nail polish, compared to the others sold at the drugstores it actually LASTS, and doesn’t chip off within the first few days. Plus, there is such a vivid array of colors to choose from in the seasons most popular choices! I like the color “Chinchilly” because it’s a good neutral color that works for all seasons. Plus, its a best seller every year!!

Organic, moisturizing, with a subtle flavor. Unlike other lip balms, this one doesn’t seem to dry out your lips but makes them feel nourished and wonderful (I prefer the Sweet Mint which gives a very subtle tingle, and seems to help “freshen” up your breath).

  • Pacifica Color Quench Moisture Lip Tint in “Blood Orange”- $ (

It’s not quite a lip balm, and not quite a lipstick, but somewhere in between. Great for when you want a little more on your lips than just a tint, but not a mouth full of color. Plus, it has a very subtle scent of orange, and a hint of a reddish-gold shimmer. So pretty on all skin tones!

  • Organix (OGX) “Argan Oil of Morocco” Hair Care- $5.94 (

I have fallen in LOVE with this hair care line, and I am kicking myself for not “discovering” earlier. It smells just divine, and doesn’t leave my hair feeling tangled after my shower. I pair it with the Moroccan Argan Penetrating Hair Oil, and my hair is always so soft and shiny!

  • Ocean Potion Anti-Aging Sunblock Lotion (SPF 50)- $9.49 (

Ocean Potion is one of the best moisturizing sunblocks out there, and it’s not thick or greasy! It smells great, and it contains the vitamins, A, C & E, which helps battle aging. It’s worth every penny spent! I’m sure you will blast through at least one bottle this summer!

  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- $7.59 (

After trying an obscene amount of foundations when my favorite sheer foundation by Clinique was discontinued and I finally ran out, I decided to give the infamous “BB” cream a go. I tried a couple, and was turned off by either the strong scent added or the orange-ish tint it gave me. YET, I was pleasantly surprised with the Maybelline version, and found I liked it just as much as the more expensive sheer foundations. A big plus for me (because I have such fair skin), is that it didn’t make me look dusty and sallow like other foundations have, but offers me a dewy and healthy complexion.

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer- $7.99 (

This product is spectacular for those of us with fine lines and wrinkles. I love how it smooths out my skin, and removes the shine. I used this stuff when I was filming a movie in the middle of August, and it did not budge even when temps hovered at 100+ degrees  (my skin looked great despite the heat). I will be honest, I don’t use it every day, just when I know a camera will be around or I want to feel confident that my makeup will look great all day & night.

  • BeautiControl (BC) Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Cream- $6.00 (

A friend of mine hosted a “Spa Party” for this company, and I was a little hesitant to try out their products at first because I have sensitive skin. Then the hostess pulled out the “magical hand scrub” and this moisturizer, and from the moment I used it I was hooked. It locks moisture in without being greasy like some thicker creams I have used. It is scent free, so it won’t interfere with your perfume or scent of choice. This is an absolute must-have for my purse (a.k.a. diaper bag).

  • Vaseline Lip Therapy in “Rosy Lips”- $1.99 (Target, in stores only)

I use Vaseline every night after I brush my teeth, and I swear it keeps my lips looking great. So, when I saw this tiny little jar of tinted Vaseline I had to try it out. I was a little surprised at how little was offered in the tiny tub, but I couldn’t resist. I found that you only need a small amount of this on the tip of your finger, and then just swipe across your lips. It has a sweet subtle scent of roses, and leaves your lips tinted a soft reddish pink. It is a little sticker than the regular Vaseline which is the only downside for me, but I like it for a quick go-to hint of color on days I just don’t feel like doing a bunch of makeup.


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