Spring Cleaning Tips- Your Closet

After watching a few seasons of What Not to Wear (which is on Netflix now-btw! So dangerous!) and gawking at some of the horrendous clothing people wear, I was recently inspired to clean out my own overflowing closet. A personal stylist friend, Jenny Maddern of Snappy Casual Consulting (shout-out!!)  just hosted a seminar on how to “Edit your Closet Like a Pro”, and that got me even more revved up to finally edit out my own closet. While I was not able to attend her seminar, I was no less inspired to finally get into mine and purge, purge, purge! Man, let me tell you, it felt so good to let go of all of that stuff that was “weighing me down”. Before I started, I decided that I was going to be tough on myself, like drill sergeant tough. Then I did some research online and came up with 6 relatively simple ideas on closet editing that I took in with me as my “cleaning arsenal” while I was cleaning out my own closet. These little tips really helped me let go of a lot of STUFF. I will be completely honest, it was hard for me. I mean REALLY hard. I sure do love to collect clothes. I adore finding different styles, and experimenting with pattern, color, and texture to create a “wearable work of art”. I feel a freedom to create and express my point of view through my clothing, and it is incredibly satisfying when I buy a garment that adds to that freedom of expression. Through this purging process, I finally came to the conclusion that a lot of the things I was holding on to were for sentimental reasons, not because I truly LOVED the garment. I was hording memories in the form of clothing, and I realized that I will still have the memories long after the clothes are gone, and it was time for them to go!

That being said, here are 6 tips that really helped me finally let go and rid myself of the things I truly didn’t need anymore.

  1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, IT GOES! Enough said.
  2. Ask yourself “Do I really truly LOVE it?” If not- Buh-Bye!
  3. If you were shopping today, would you purchase it right that minuet? No questions asked. If not, let it go. If its something that really doesn’t catch your eye anymore, or you are kind of on the fence about it anyway, send it on its way. Let someone else love it and get use out of it.
  4. Are you in that “season” of life right now? Meaning does your wardrobe fit the lifestyle you are living? I am currently a SAHM, but I had a lot of “corporate” style attire. I couldn’t justify wearing the pencil skirts and heels to a play-date at the park, so even though they fit, looked amazing on, and I really did like them, I decided to say bye.
  5. Group “like things” together. I’ll admit it, I’m a little OCD when it comes to the organization of my closet anyway, so I was already doing this. It made my job significantly easier when I was deciding what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of. But for those of you who don’t have a system like this, I highly suggest grouping all dresses together, slacks together, tank tops together…ect. before you start getting rid of stuff. Sometimes it is incredibly daunting to open your closet doors after you’ve been inspired to “get in there and clean it out” only to see a huge mess in front of you. Doing this will help with my next point:
  6. If doing a full closet clean out in a day is too immense of a project, take bits of time and edit out in groups. Pull out only one of your “groups” at a time and take 15-20 minutes and edit that group only! The next day do another group, and continue this pattern until you are done!

I’ll admit all of this may feel very overwhelming. Just do one thing at a time, and you will get through it! If your closet is not already organized by groups, first and foremost start by grouping the “like items” in your closet only one day. You will be so glad that you did! Then the next day go in and take 15 or so minuets and begin actually editing out your “groups” (dresses, t-shirts, pants, ect.). And by all means, if you are all fired up and ready to get rid of that stuff- Keep Going! You Rock! Do as much as you can. Just don’t overwhelm yourself.

These 6 tips helped me tremendously, but they are not by any means the end all to closet editing. If it is just way too much for you, hire a pro like Jenny who can walk you through it step by step. Or do a little online research and find some things that inspire you. Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! You will feel spectacular when you take those bags of clothing out of your closet, and down to a charity! I personally decided that the clothes I am purging are going to an event that will help homeless and out of work women take their next step towards independence. Look for organizations like this in your area and donate! It will feel amazing! PLEASE let me know how you did and the charity you are donating to! I’d love to hear all about it!

Until next time…


Saw It. Pinned It. DID It!- Striped Sweater (Tres Bien!)

Since the beautiful spring weather is upon us, I wanted to share this gem before I forgot, and put it away with my winter clothes. I fell in LOVE with this boat neck cream and navy striped sweater (below on left) on Pinterest, and I knew I absolutely had to have it! When I looked at it online, the price was around $60.00 not including shipping. While that really is a pretty good deal for such a nice sweater, I couldn’t justify spending that amount on only one thing, so I decided to pin it on my board and admire it from afar. It wasn’t until a shopping trip with my mom that I found THIS exact cream and navy striped sweater with the writing “c’est la vie” (below on right) at Forever 21 in the clearance section for a grand total of $4.50! Yes, you read that right- four dollars and fifty cents! Tres Bien! The best part is I like the Forever 21 version better! That is probably because I love the French language. Anyway, the only downfall is that since the warmer weather decided to grace us with its presence so swiftly, I won’t get to wear it again until next fall, but I am sure looking forward to it!


Check out my Pinterest board “Saw it. Pinned it. DID it!” and get inspired to pin some things yourself, THEN go out and do it too! 😉

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Mommy Style Chronicles: 5 Spring Essentials

I don’t know about you guys, but after weeks of this cloudy, gray and rainy weather, I am so ready for a bright and cheery spring to pop through the dreary abyss! I’ve been stuck in a yoga-pants and leggings rut this whole winter, and since we recently moved to a rural area with a lot of nature, trees and actual weather to battle against, my wardrobe and I do not know how to handle it! So I am definitely ready for something new! Here is a list of my affordable top 5 “Spring Wardrobe Essentials” that I will add to, or pull back out of my closet for the sweet, refreshing months ahead! All of these are great ideas for a SAHM-on-the-go! If you have a busy little toddler, like I do, these spring staples are an easy no brainer for those hectic days when you need something easy, stylish, and pulled together- especially when you are not feeling it!

Drumroll please…

5 spring essentials

1. Emerald Green scarf- such a beautiful bright color is perfect for adding that little dose of cheer this spring! (shopped my own closet for this one!)

2. Nautical Maxi Dress- can be dressed up or down. A must have!!

3. Nude flats- The nude will go with EVERYTHING from shorts & jeans to dresses & skirts, so spending a little more on a pair will be a good investment!

4. Jean jacket/Denim Shirt- (Shopped my closet for this one too!) Here are some great suggestions on how to wear a denim shirt (7 different ways).

5. Boyfriend Blazer- Pair it with Bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt. Instant easy chic!!

There you have it! Those are my top 5 Must Haves for this spring. What are yours? I hope these also inspire you to also shop your own closet for great classic pieces that may have been put away for winter. Personally, I am always inspired by great fashion at affordable prices!

Until next time…

(Disclaimer: The images I have posted are not the actual pieces I own, but are very similar to what I have when I said ‘shopped my own closet for this’. As for the rest of the items, I will be shopping for something as close to the pic as possible.) 


In my search for spring wardrobe pieces, I came across the awesome website Sanctuary of Style. I was inspired by the cool and casual style that Tiffany Hendra exudes, and best of all she offers budget friendly options for your closet and beauty routine. Her expert advice can really work for ANY budget!

Although the video is from Spring 2013, all of the tips she suggests can be utilized for years to come! I am a big fan of the brightly colored pants!

Click the link below to see the YouTube video of her “Winter to Spring” transition pieces! Great ideas! http://youtu.be/x3A2Wur5lG8