Mommy Style Chronicles: 5 Spring Essentials

I don’t know about you guys, but after weeks of this cloudy, gray and rainy weather, I am so ready for a bright and cheery spring to pop through the dreary abyss! I’ve been stuck in a yoga-pants and leggings rut this whole winter, and since we recently moved to a rural area with a lot of nature, trees and actual weather to battle against, my wardrobe and I do not know how to handle it! So I am definitely ready for something new! Here is a list of my affordable top 5 “Spring Wardrobe Essentials” that I will add to, or pull back out of my closet for the sweet, refreshing months ahead! All of these are great ideas for a SAHM-on-the-go! If you have a busy little toddler, like I do, these spring staples are an easy no brainer for those hectic days when you need something easy, stylish, and pulled together- especially when you are not feeling it!

Drumroll please…

5 spring essentials

1. Emerald Green scarf- such a beautiful bright color is perfect for adding that little dose of cheer this spring! (shopped my own closet for this one!)

2. Nautical Maxi Dress- can be dressed up or down. A must have!!

3. Nude flats- The nude will go with EVERYTHING from shorts & jeans to dresses & skirts, so spending a little more on a pair will be a good investment!

4. Jean jacket/Denim Shirt- (Shopped my closet for this one too!) Here are some great suggestions on how to wear a denim shirt (7 different ways).

5. Boyfriend Blazer- Pair it with Bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt. Instant easy chic!!

There you have it! Those are my top 5 Must Haves for this spring. What are yours? I hope these also inspire you to also shop your own closet for great classic pieces that may have been put away for winter. Personally, I am always inspired by great fashion at affordable prices!

Until next time…

(Disclaimer: The images I have posted are not the actual pieces I own, but are very similar to what I have when I said ‘shopped my own closet for this’. As for the rest of the items, I will be shopping for something as close to the pic as possible.) 


In my search for spring wardrobe pieces, I came across the awesome website Sanctuary of Style. I was inspired by the cool and casual style that Tiffany Hendra exudes, and best of all she offers budget friendly options for your closet and beauty routine. Her expert advice can really work for ANY budget!

Although the video is from Spring 2013, all of the tips she suggests can be utilized for years to come! I am a big fan of the brightly colored pants!

Click the link below to see the YouTube video of her “Winter to Spring” transition pieces! Great ideas!


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