Saw It. Pinned It. DID It!- Striped Sweater (Tres Bien!)

Since the beautiful spring weather is upon us, I wanted to share this gem before I forgot, and put it away with my winter clothes. I fell in LOVE with this boat neck cream and navy striped sweater (below on left) on Pinterest, and I knew I absolutely had to have it! When I looked at it online, the price was around $60.00 not including shipping. While that really is a pretty good deal for such a nice sweater, I couldn’t justify spending that amount on only one thing, so I decided to pin it on my board and admire it from afar. It wasn’t until a shopping trip with my mom that I found THIS exact cream and navy striped sweater with the writing “c’est la vie” (below on right) at Forever 21 in the clearance section for a grand total of $4.50! Yes, you read that right- four dollars and fifty cents! Tres Bien! The best part is I like the Forever 21 version better! That is probably because I love the French language. Anyway, the only downfall is that since the warmer weather decided to grace us with its presence so swiftly, I won’t get to wear it again until next fall, but I am sure looking forward to it!


Check out my Pinterest board “Saw it. Pinned it. DID it!” and get inspired to pin some things yourself, THEN go out and do it too! 😉

Until next time…



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