~Mothers Day gift idea~ DIY!

It’s almost Mothers Day, and this will mark my third as a mom myself. It still feels a bit strange for me to be celebrating Mothers Day as a mom. I am still so used to celebrating this day for my own mom, that when friends and family tell me “Happy Mothers Day!”, I initially think to myself “well, yes it is Mothers Day”, and then I realize they are saying to me “you’re a mom, celebrate today!”. So, I got to thinking about gifts and what I’d like to receive as a mom, and I came to the conclusion that, while I truly am not expecting any sort of compensation for being a mom, anything my little guy made for me would bring me joy! I thought back to all the handmade things I gave my mom as a child; the paper mâché crafts, macaroni glued hearts, and too many crayon scribbled works of art to count, and just how much she loved each and every one more than anything I bought from the store. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I would prefer any handmade gift from my son no matter what age he was (as long as he put some thought and effort into it).

My thoughts- you are never too old to give your mom a special handmade gift from the heart! Here is a simple recipe for a DIY Citrus Infused Sugar (you can make it in 10 minutes or less!) that is so simply sweet and chic, it is sure to bring your own mom a sugary sweet smile. The citrus offers such a great spring flavor, and this sugar can be used in coffee, teas, baking projects, ect. When mom finds out that you made it yourself, I’m sure she will think back to all those adorable and thoughtful handmade gifts you presented to her with such pride when you were a kid, and cherish it even more! Happy Mothers Day!

Simple and Sweet Citrus Infused Sugar8ba2bzest


Zest from one orange, lemon or lime (your choice, I prefer the orange)

1 cup Pure cane granulated white sugar

1 jar or container that will hold 1 cup of sugar (I use my recycled Bonne Maman jam/jelly jars)

**Hint: For every 1/2 cup of sugar, add appx. 2-3 Tablespoons of zest flavoring.**


Option 1: Mix together the zest from your orange, lemon or lime with the granulated white sugar in a cute air tight container, and let infuse for at least a week for stronger flavor. For less intense flavor, use earlier. Don’t forget to shake jar daily, as the moisture from the orange zest will make the sugar clump up.

Option 2 (adapted from this recipe): Zest your orange, lemon or lime and allow to dry out overnight. Mix together with your sugar in a chic air tight container, and shake well. Allow to infuse for at least one week before using. This will give the sugar optimal flavor!!

Decorate your jar or container with raffia or twine, and a simple decorative tag to let her know what flavor sugar it is!

(Bonus: This recipe is vegan and gluten free!)

Until next time…