Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summer is officially upon us, and I am so thrilled! I don’t prefer the blazing hot summer heat, but I absolutely love spending time with my beautiful little family. My hubby is on summer break (Hooray for his job in Education!!), so that means we get to spend summers together, just me, the kiddo, and him! It’s doubly wonderful for me being a Stay-At-Home-Mom because I am able to get some much needed “Mommy Time” to do things that I am not typically able to do during the school year (Thanks Sweetheart!!!).

The past few summers have been incredibly hectic for us, and this summer is offering us some peaceful quiet, and plenty of free days to do with as we want, which is great! Since we don’t have any pressing matters to attend to, and we finished our “heavy/big” traveling early, we have concocted a “Summer 2014 Bucket List” (see below). I was inspired by my friend Becky over at Star Wars Wife, as well as The Happy Family Movement’s  2014 “Summer Bucket List Challenge”.

There are SO many things we wanted to add to our bucket list, but whittled it down to our top 25 things that we felt were essential to-do’s for this summer. Not all of the activities are big adventures, some of them are just simple and delightful in their own way. I felt if we had a list of heavy traveling or large scale activities it would make the summer seem overly chaotic, and that is what we are trying to avoid. We also decided that if we don’t get to do everything on the list, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Really these activities are meant to keep us from getting overly lazy this summer. So if we miss a few, that’s okay! I definitely DO NOT want it to feel like a chore list that must get done before summer is over. This year, summer is about relaxing and taking a reprieve from the chaos the past few years has brought, as well as growing closer as a family and focusing on strengthening our faith. So without further ado, our 2014 Summer Bucket List:



We have already been busy checking a handful of these off of our list, and I will share them in my next posts along with pictures! I’m super excited to share, and we have already had so much fun!

I’d LOVE to hear about your Summer Bucket List, or what you have planned for this summer! And by all means, if you want to “steal” a few of my ideas GO FOR IT!

~Until next time…





3 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Bucket List

    • Hi Sue! Thank you for your comment! So, Ice Eggs are basically a water balloon filled with water, and a small plastic toy (like a small dinosaur) is put on the inside. You then freeze the water balloon, and when it is frozen remove the balloon and give to your kiddo to “excavate” the toy from the inside. Great way to keep the kids occupied and stay relatively cool all at once! 😉
      I pinned this idea from Pinterest here.

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