Summer treat: Skin(ny) Water

Have you ever heard the old adage that if you feel hungry even after you have eaten, then you should drink a glass of water to help feel less hungry? A long time ago, I heard that this, and I completely agree! I admit it, I do not drink enough water during the day. I don’t know anyone who actually does drink their “8 by 8” (eight glasses of 8-ounces of water) every day. We all know that drinking water is healthy for you, yet we are constantly bombarded by advertisements portraying beautiful people guzzling down frosty cans of soda, “brisk” and refreshing iced teas, and even chilled bottles of water “flavored” with “real” lemons, raspberries and peaches, and I bet the majority of us will choose the latter. Lets face it, when it comes to a boring ole glass of plain water, the alternatives I just mentioned look pretty appeasing. Unfortunately, all of these are loaded with sugars or sweeteners that are not the healthiest for our bodies.

The next time you are craving something refreshing try out this recipe for my Skin(ny) Water! I’ve seen it called “Spa Water” or “Detox Water”, either way it’s great for your skin, and as a bonus can aid in weight loss/management. Not only is it incredibly refreshing on a hot day, the sugary drinks I mentioned earlier can not even compare to the AMAZING flavor combination in this water! PLUS, it costs significantly less and has absolutely NO sugar!! Once you try it, I doubt you will ever want the other drinks again! (Hopefully!)

Skin(ny) Water
  • 2 thin round slices of Lemon (Lemons have so many benefits, most notably they aide in digestion and are full of Vit. C)
  • 2 thin round slices of Lime (not only do limes help with digestion, they smell great and can ease constipation)
  • 4-5 thin round slices of an English Cucumber (cucumbers are a great source of Vit. B1, K, and C, plus it replenishes the skin)
  • 4 Fresh Mint leaves (aids with digestion and can help soothe upset stomach, they also have that wonderful minty smell)
  • Ice
  • Filtered Water
  1. In a large glass add ice (about ¾ of the glass)
  2. Add your sliced lemon, lime, cucumber and mint leaves
  3. Pour filtered water into your glass until full
  4. Stir all ingredients and let sit for about 5 minutes to infuse all the flavors together (don’t forget to keep all of the ingredients in the drink while you enjoy it, the flavor will intensify the longer they are left in)

After you drink down all of your infused water, add a bit more ice and pour water over it again to enjoy another glass. Ingredients should last for at least 3 refills!


Skin(ny) Water


Do you have any amazing infused water recipe that you love? Please share in the comments section below! I am always looking for something new to try!

Until Next Time…


Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or weight loss specialist. I just really like this water! I adapted my drink recipe from this website.  I hope that you will try out my “recipe”, enjoy it, and share it with all of your friends and family! 


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