Bits of Bliss: Roasted Apples


Dry cough? Check. Stuffy/runny nose? Check. Low grade fever? Check. Grumpy and whiney 3 year old? Check.
It’s official, our house has been hit with the first cold of the season. So today I decided a special treat was desperately needed. Roasted Apples! It sounds so plebeian and simple, and that is the beauty of it. It is SO easy. When my family is sick, I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I’d rather be spending time snuggling my kiddo, reading books, or doing simple activities (like roasting apples) that help keep “cabin fever” at bay. Roasting apples in the oven is such an easy task, even my 3 year old was able to help me out. The very best part of roasting apples the way that we did was that it tasted just like apple pie without the crust! It was such a welcome and sweet treat to make such a bla day better!



For our roasted apples, I used one Gala (red) and one Granny Smith (green) just to vary in flavor. I was curious how each would turn out. Surprisingly, the green apple roasted much quicker than the red, and came out quite a bit mushier. It took about 15 mins for the green apple at 350 degrees, and about 30 mins at 350 degrees for the red.

Here is how we did it-

1 Red Apple (I used a Gala), sliced into quarters
1 Green Apple (I used a Granny Smith), sliced into quarters
2-3 Tbl brown sugar (or as little or much as you want)

Slice both of your apples into quarters and remove the seeds.


Put each apple on a separate piece of foil for each apple. Sprinkle each apple with 1-1.5 Tbl of brown sugar, and as much cinnamon as you’d like.


Wrap apple in the foil to create a little ball and put onto a cookie sheet. Bake the green apple at 350 degrees for 10 mins (or longer depending on how soft you prefer it). Bake the red apple at 350 degrees for about 30 mins (or longer depending on how soft you prefer it).


Viola! You did it! A delicious simple sweet treat! You can serve it alone, or on top of granola, or with vanilla ice cream. Really your options are endless. We didn’t have either of those, so I served my kiddo his roasted apple with some Multi Grain Cheerios. He LOVED it!


Makes approx. 2-4 servings.

Do you have any easy delicious sweet treats for fall? Let’s share!


Until next time…



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