Finding Fashion: Casual Plaid


I have been seeing plaid shirts ALL over the place recently, and I think it’s a great look for fall for a number of obvious reasons. Most specifically because plaid shirts are cozy and comfortable. But recently, the lowly plaid shirt has elevated it’s status from its association with the 90’s Grunge Rocker and/or Country Hillbilly looks, to a Modern/Sophisticated look with the addition of a few simple accessories, a great pair of jeans, and the right pair of heels. (Wait… did I just say plaid and sophisticated in the same sentence?) Remember that a plaid shirt definitely evokes a specific “feel” for the wearer and if you aren’t careful, your look could quickly go from uptown chic to lowdown lumberjack (unless that is the look you are going for).

My inspiration outfit offers a great take on the former “construction site” uniform with it’s casual and comfortable unbuttoned look. The outfit exudes just a little bit of that uptown sassy chic via the skinny jeans, plain clean white shirt, gold chain cross body bag, and crisp black and white plaid shirt (as opposed to a colored plaid, which would have made the look almost too western-y). I especially love the fedora (I am a total sucker for 80’s adventure movies, so I LOVE the Indiana Jones homage thrown in!) that solidifies the casual yet ladylike nature of this outfit. I hope this inspires you that there are some great alternatives out there, and that it is possible to have great fashion that doesn’t cost you a pretty penny!

So you want to get the look? Here is what I found:


Finding Fashion: Casual Plaid

Jeans: Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Women’s Ankle Skinny Jeans $7.99 (clearance)

Plaid Shirt: Men’s Long Sleeve Western Shirt with Snap Pockets $13.97

White T-Shirt: Women’s Linen Drapey V Tee $7.20 (clearance)

Hat: Merona® Solid Fedora Hat – Brown $16.99

Purse: Mossimo® Faux Fur Crossbody Handbag with Gold Chain Strap $19.54 (clearance)

Necklace: Women’s Necklace and Earring Set with Arrow Icon – Gold (16″) $9.99

Outfit Total– not including shoes (before taxes) $75.68

Do you have a “Finding Fashion” outfit that you put together for a great price that you are super proud of? Share it below in the comments section! I’d love to see what you did!


Until next time…