Bits of Bliss: Luxurious Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Oh mama, I have a feeling that you are going to want to hug me (or at least give me a high five) after I share this recipe for my Luxurious Brown Sugar Body Scrub with you!

So, I know that a DIY brown sugar body scrub is definitely not a groundbreaking discovery by any means, but what I found with this scrub is that my skin still feels super soft the next day after using it. I never had that with other scrubs that I have used. The very best thing about this recipe is that I’m sure you have all of these 5 (yep only 5!) ingredients on hand.

1/4 C Coconut or Almond Oil (I used almond)
1/2 C Dark Brown Sugar
1/4 C Organic Pure Cane Sugar
1/4-1/2 TBL Vanilla Extract
Appx. 50 drops of Absolute Rose Essential Oil -optional- (or whatever essential oil pleases you) I really wanted a prevalent rose smell, so I used a lot. Just use as little or as much as you desire. I got my bottle at Whole Foods for $5.99.

That’s it! I know it sounds more like we are going to bake something, but not this time my friends!

I started off by making a small amount to see if I liked my concoction, and I totally wish I had made more! I’ve already used it all up! So if you want to, please double or triple the amounts. I am sure you will want to share this amazing and luxurious scrub with all your besties after you try it out! So double up your batch, get a pack of Mason Jars, and some pretty ribbon or raffia, and voila! A great hostess/birthday/Christmas/just because I love you gift!

I decided on using Rose Absolute oil for this scrub because I thought it would give a nice contrast to the extra strong vanilla scent that comes from the vanilla extract, and it gave it that sexy luxurious scent I was looking for. Plus, I just didn’t want to smell like a sugar cookie. You should definitely play around with other scents that you love with this recipe! Next time I may omit the vanilla and use Orange extract and lavender essential oil for a fresh citrus scrub. This was such a treat for me, I hope that you will find it as luxurious and decadent as I have!

Do you have a DIY sugar scrub that you adore? I’d love for you share!

Until next time…


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