Together Art


I am a huge advocate of the arts, I just adore all styles of art out there. Being in art history major, costume designer, actress, and artist I have been blessed (starting at an early age) with an introduction and education into all different artistic viewpoints and styles. So when I say that I am a HUGE advocate of the arts, I truly mean that I appreciate all artistic forms; be it the performance arts like theatre, dance and music, to the visual arts like illustration, painting, and photography to architecture and sculpture and everything in between. (For the record, just because I appreciate an artists p.o.v. doesn’t mean I always like what they put out there.)

Well, because of this passion of mine, it’s no big surprise that I would want to immerse my son in the arts as well. Unfortunately, my little dude currently shows minimal interest in sharing my fervor for the arts. Which kind of breaks my heart… But hey, not everyone is going to have my same interests, and that’s what makes this world and it’s people so interesting (and consequently makes for amazing art!). And that is OK with me.

I’m not giving up on my son just yet though. It is important to have a variety of different educational activities and experiences to help one appreciate and understand other points of view. So I decided to do some “Together Art”, together.


What I mean by “Together Art” is that we work on a piece of artwork together. (Groundbreaking, I know! I’m a genius!)

In saying this, I know that his attention isn’t going be held for very long if I give him a paint brush and some paint and have him just go for it. So I decided to make it easy and not stress the technique, but just put something on paper and have that experience. To feel how the paint brush glides along the paper, to see how the saturation of color goes from a pure bright color to a faded lighter version.

I had him draw on a piece of paper for me, and I colored it in. In turn, I drew a picture for him and he got to “paint” on it. He had the experience of putting something creative onto paper, and I got to “scratch” my artistic “itch” a little by pulling out my water colors.


It wasn’t much, and is not gallery worthy, but I was able to share with my son a tiny bit of my passion for the art world, and I hope it will slowly inspire him to find his own inner artist. Will he become the next “light instillation artist”, “shadow artist” or “book landscaper” like these modern artists, or maybe a classic like Picasso or Monet? Only our Lord knows what he has planned for my little guy. Maybe art won’t be his thing, but this time around he seemed to really enjoy himself! Score one for mom!

Is there any special type of art that you love to do? Is it something you can do “Together”? Let me know!

Until Next Time…