Finding Fashion: Summer Sophistication


During the warmer summer months it is so easy to fall into (what I like to call) “summers uniform” by pulling out that oh-so-comfy tank top, capris or shorts and simple flip flops to go about your day when the weather starts to get hot. This is especially true for those of us who don’t have a typical 9-5 office job that requires a “business casual” look everyday. I’ve been totally guilty of this since I am no longer “chained to the office desk”! But you don’t have to be! That is why I love this outfit! It is beautiful, comfortable, and just as easy to put on as my aforementioned “summers uniform”.
When Mother Nature turns up the heat, just thinking about wearing slacks to the office will have you sweating thru your undies (yeah, I said it!). So here is an alternative outfit for everyone, that will not only keep you cool and comfortable on those hot summer days, but also looks totally confident and sophisticated whether you are office bound, or playground bound. The big plus for this outfit is that you can find it for under $100! Nice! Here are my finds (mostly from Target this time) to get the above look from my inspiration photo!

Finding Fashion: Summer Sophistication

  • Womens Black Gaucho Pants- $22.99
  • Women’s White Mackenzie High Heeled Shoes- $29.99
  • Bongo Juinors White Flyaway Tank Top- $8.99 on sale (reg. $14.99)
  • Metal Aviator Sunglasses in Gold- $12.99
  • Red Clutch Handbag- $8.74 on sale (reg. $24.99)
  • White Panama Hat- $14.99

GRAND TOTAL- $98.69 (before taxes)

How is your summer wardrobe fairing this year? Are you struggling for ideas that are budget friendly and sophisticated chic? Challenge me to find you an outfit!


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