Inspired by “Kids Were Here”


This image is a pretty typical snapshot during our days. Dinosaurs, Hot Wheels, plastic bugs,  jungle/safari animals and many more have all graced our table when it is time to eat. I like to think that we are not the only family who has such unconventional table guests. (Life is always more interesting and fun when you surround yourself with different personalities anyway!) Moments like this one are SO special to me, and I always love sharing them! After I take the picture, I tend to then look at it with an editing eye. I think to myself: how do I edit this picture to show the best parts, hide the rest? I think most of us feel like this. Sharing only the pretty, nice, or artistic by rationing out only those images of your life that look lovely, and cropping out the rest of it. I am very much guilty of this!! While it is all well and good to share those “pristine” moments, a majority of us parents know (that if you have kids living in your house) your home is just NOT that well organized, clean, and beautiful all of the time. (Or we are secretly jealous and thinking to ourselves: How the heck do they keep their house SO nice!? It’s NOT fair! Who is their house keeper and what is their number?!)

I bring all of this up because I came across a blog/website titled Kids Were Here. The basic idea behind the blog states “34 Photographers from around the world share their unconventional, yet universal perspective on what life with children looks like”. I couldn’t help but be inspired by each of the photographers p.o.v. and their unique perspectives on what life with their children looks like. I enjoyed seeing the moments documented after the kids were apparently there, and the aftermath of childhood that was left in their wake. It was refreshing to see that I am not the only mom in this world who continuously struggles to keep her life organized and clutter free…with less than stellar results. ;-P

Needless to say I was inspired to share what our life looks like after the “Kids Were Here”.

Dino Couch


Table & Stool Timeout

Library Shoppingcart

Magazine Slaughter

Enter at Your Own Risk

Bathroom Bliss

Glancing around our house and looking at these “aftermath” moments was a sweet reminder to me of the beautiful little boy that has stolen our hearts. For me, most often, his little piles and messes really stress me out because (like any other parent) I like for our home to be picked up and clutter free. I like how my home looks when it is clean and HGTV magazine ready. I like to be able to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea while watching a show- not cleaning up toys, crayons, and all things kids. Yet, after seeing the “Kids Were Here” blog it gave me a new perspective on my son and his little messes. I grew to appreciate them (maybe just a tiny bit) because it made me realize that there is in fact a kid LIVING here. He is growing, learning, exploring, experiencing, making and having adventures, making messes, finding out who God made him to be, and enjoying himself all the while!

And guess what? I get to be there right along with him, messes and all. ❤


Until next time…


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