Bits of Bliss: DIY Simple Fall Mantle

It must officially be FALL since Starbucks is now serving their “infamous” fall favorites- the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Salted Caramel Mocha! I’ve been waiting all year for this! (This is one happy girl, right here!) So, since I will probably be spending a good deal of my monthly budget on unnecessary coffee treats for myself, I don’t foresee having a large decorating budget in my near future. But that’s OK! I found some really great options for a fireplace mantel decoration that uses a minimal budget, and offers maximum impact! I am super excited to show you what I was able to do with around $35.


Here is our fireplace pre-fall deco (and some toys). I LOVE this wall clock! It is such a great statement piece that shifts easily from season to season for a nice year-round look that doesn’t overwhelm.

Fall is such a great opportunity to allow some vibrant color into your home, especially if your home spends most of the year wearing a pretty neutral palate- as ours generally does. I personally like having a very flexible decorating palate in my home. It lends me the opportunity to change my “theme” relatively easily without spending a fortune on my design aesthetic. I couldn’t even imaging changing wall colors and furniture every few months just to follow the seasons. Could you?

Simple Fall Mantle Decor

The fireplace and mantel with fall decor.


Flickering Candles and fun Pumpkins!

I decided to challenge myself (similar to my Finding Fashion challenges) to get really creative and find something that looks like it could be relatively high end, chic, fall appropriate, and visually exciting without spending an excessive amount of money on it. I had a lot of fun just shopping for decorations as a focal point rather than accent pieces or misc. accessories at places like the Dollar Store and in the dollar section at Target. Interestingly, I was actually finding things that I wouldn’t typically give a second thought to.

This was a necessary challenge for me (as an aspiring interior designer), because it is easy to shop for home decor at places like Home Goods, World Market, IKEA (my personal favorite), Macys, Kirkland’s, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, as well as the multitude of amazing home decor stores you can find online that are filled to the brim with beautiful decorations. It is definitely NOT easy (or at least it wasn’t initially for me) to go into places like the Dollar Stores or shop in the dollar section to find items that didn’t look cheap and flimsy to use as a centerpiece.

I feel like this was pretty much a success! Now, I LOVE this mantel! At first I was hesitant about the pumpkins because they weren’t as large as I had initially wanted, and I don’t usually go for items that can verge on a “gothic” type of style. But they are so cool looking and pretty unique, so I think they work well for the fall decor “vibe” I was going for. Plus, they can transition into the Halloween season very easily. I love the simplicity of the decor, as well as the vibrant pops of color from the flower arrangement and leaf garland. I love how the burlap zigzag and diamond decorated pumpkins exude a bit of contrast and allow for a modern sophistication on a timeless fall staple. I love how burlap is the common factor between the flowers and the pumpkins (not something I would have originally picked out). Not only is it child friendly, the decor only cost me $35! (*High five*)


Truthfully, I really do LOVE the final outcome (how many times have I said “love” now?). It’s bold without being too in your face, and minimal enough that it draws you in to take a closer look. It’s not too Halloween-y and exudes a fun, whimsical, bright, modern vibe on classic fall decor. Just what I was going for! Next project up for me is the dining room!

SO, whats the breakdown you ask?

  • Painted Burlap Pumpkins- $3 each (4 total) from Target (in the dollar section): $12
  • Mason Jars- $1 each (4 total) Dollar Store: $4
  • Red & Gold Flickering Candles (2 per pack- 2 packs) $1 each- Dollar Store: $2
  • Leaf Garland (on mantel and in vase) $1 each (3 total)- Dollar Store: $3
  • Round Green Vase $7- Home Goods
  • Flowers and leafs- $1 per bunch (6 total) Dollar Store: $6
  • Burlap Ribbon- $1 per roll (1 total) Dollar Store: $1


What do you think? Do you have any inexpensive decorating success stories? What are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor?


Until next time…


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