Finding Fashion: Summer to Fall Transition

(P)inspiration Photo

(P)inspiration Outfit

Great news! Right now summer clothing is going on sale, and while the cooler weather still hasn’t quite maneuvered its way into our lives (here is CA) quite yet, most retailers have brought out their cooler weather stock. Fashionistas on a budget! If you live in a climate similar to mine, this is a GREAT time to take advantage of your favorite clothing retailers summer to fall transitions, and peruse through their sales and clearance racks! Lots of wonderful items from this last season are still available for you to purchase, so if you have had your eye on something but didn’t want to pay full price now is your chance to snatch up that special item at a discount. You could even wear it all the way through October if this heat continues.

I have to be honest… I’m conflicted. We are now about a quarter of the way through September and the temperature is still sweltering. Here in California our weekly forecast ranges from the mid 80’s all the way up to 100 degrees! STILL! Why is it so HOT!? I desperately want to pull out my knits and boots, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. So (like I said) I am conflicted. But, lucky for us I didn’t let that deter me from this Finding Fashion Challenge! Bring on that kooky weather mother nature!

For this challenge I took advantage of the sales going on and found pieces that you can wear now, but will transition nicely into the fall by pairing them with warmer clothing options like a pair of opaque tights, a great pair of heeled booties (like these from H&M), and a snugly knit scarf.summer2falltrans.

I LOVE my (P)inspiration outfit! I love that it is a great option for work, OR can be worn for a date night/girls night out, AND it will transition easily when the weather finally cools down. This outfit exudes a casual confidence, but still maintains its professional demeanor and is something that every woman needs in her closet!

Are you loving what you see here? Want to shop this look? Here is where I found it!

FINDING FASHION: Summer to Fall Transition

  • Adam Levine Women’s Long Sleeved Button Down Top- $8.99 (clearance)
  • Betsyville women’s over-sized retro sunglasses- $10.99 (clearance)
  • Jaclyn Smith women’s Clareen Mini Cross Body Bag- $16.99
  • Sam & Libby Cosette City Sandal (in Fawn)- $12.24 (clearance)
  • AX Paris Women’s PU Midi Stone Skirt- $27.99
  • Women’s Bangel Bracelet (Gold)- $4.99 (BOGO Sale)
  • Women’s Journee Collection Statement Ring- $2.99 (BOGO sale)


Do you have an outfit that you just adore, but are looking for a more budget friendly option? Challenge Me! I’d LOVE to help you find that special outfit in your budget!


Until next time…

For this particular blog post, I utilized the sale that is/was offering- Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on all clothing, shoes & accessories. That is where my accessory pricing came from. Please see for their particular details. Every clothing and accessory item mentioned here is/was available as of  Sept. 18, 2015.

**PLEASE NOTE: This blog is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned retailers. These retailers and their websites are used for the sole purpose of my Finding Fashion Challenges- finding high end clothing & looks at ready to wear and budget prices.**


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