Bits of Bliss- DIY (1 hour, no sew) Blanket Scarf


In the very near future it will be “sweater weather” (HOORAY!), and I bet you will want to have a great cozy scarf to snuggle into when heading out to the great outdoors. I know that I do! Call them what you want- Blanket Scarves, Ruana Wraps, Shawls, Scarves, Pashminas, etc. they are the perfect cold weather fashion accessory. Not only are they cute, but they are necessary as well.

As I was perusing all of these wonderful scarves online, I came across some beautiful plaid blanket scarves from Zara and I totally fell in love with all of them! While they are not totally overpriced (they cost around $25.90 and up), unfortunately my clothing budget can’t afford to spend that on a scarf. BUT, I realized that I had a couple of yards of a lovely flannel plaid material sitting in my fabric stash just waiting to become something great, and I immediately thought… “hey, I can totally make that!”


One of my inspiration scarves from Zara! LOVE IT!

Making your own Blanket Scarf is incredibly easy! If I can do it, then YOU can! It only takes TWO steps and a handful of patience.

So, here is what I did:

-1The scarf I wanted measured 140cm X 140cm (which is 55″ X 55″ -or- 4.5 x 4.5 feet -or- 1.5 x 1.5 yards), so I laid out my plaid flannel material and cut to those measurements following the lines of the plaid to keep it even. (Other tutorials I read suggest making your scarf 2-2.5 yards. I think that is suggested for the length, and not the width. I personally wanted a square scarf that I could also wrap around my shoulders and snuggle into as well as wear around my neck, but i didn’t want it too bulky.)


-6Next I sat down with my seam ripper, and an episode of Project Runway and frayed the edges of the scarf by pulling out the threads individually until my fray was about 1/4 of an inch long. You can make your fray longer if you’d like, it just depends on your preference.

-5Once all four edges are frayed to your liking, you are done and ready to wear your new cozy Blanket Scarf! It really is THAT EASY!



So now that you have your scarf all ready to wear, check out the website Fashionista for ideas on how to wear your new accessory! Go flaunt it! Make a bunch of them as gifts this holiday! You could even sell them and make some extra spending money!

I think the thing that I love most about this project is that I was able to use something I already had on hand and make something fabulous with it. PLUS, it only took about an hour to make! My fabric came from Hancock Fabrics, and I got it on sale for $4.99/yard! So my scarf cost me a grand total of $7.50, (since I only used 1.5 yards of what I had on hand) as opposed to the $29.50 a Zara scarf cost. That’s a $22 savings! I can think of a million things that I can do with an extra $22!

If you made one, I would LOVE to see how your Blanket Scarf turned out! Leave me a pic in the comments section below, or post your pic to my B&H Facebook!

Until Next Time…


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