Bits of Bliss: Favorite 2015 Fall Trends (totally worth trying!)

The weather is changing (finally), the leaves on the trees are turning colors, the air feels crisp and smells of wood smoke and cinnamon spice. I think it’s time to treat yourself with a little something special to celebrate!

Finding yourself little Bits of Bliss this fall doesn’t have to be expensive! Sometimes it is something as simple as treating yourself to a special coffee, spending time with your loved ones, or checking off a DIY project you have had on your to-do list that makes a huge difference in your day, and inspire your well being. What I’m sharing here are just a handful of things that bring me Bits of Bliss, and I think they are great trends for this fall!


1. Plaid!

No longer is plaid meant just for the humble button up shirt anymore! Now you can find it on chic outdoor camping accessories, gift wrap, throw pillows, kitchen accessories, shoes, and even interior decor. You can totally rock plaid too without breaking the bank. Make your own DIY Blanket Scarf for only $7.50! Follow my DIY tutorial (inspired by all those beautiful scarves from Zara), and make your own in under an hour!


2. Long & Layered

chevron necklace- forever 21

I am totally loving the Boho style for fall, and a great way to add that look to your ensemble is through long and layered necklaces! They are definitely a beautiful way to make an accessory statement, and there are PLENTY of options out there. Mix and match varying lengths to create your own look, and become the envy of all those other fashionistas in your world. I really like this Faux Marble V-Pendant Necklace from Forever 21 for only $5.90! It definitely gives a great Boho vibe to any outfit you are wearing!


3. Moody Maroon!805433233

This deep red shades for fall are just so beautiful! For me, this color invokes a cozy, sexy, and sophisticated feel! I am currently wearing the Essie Nail Polish in Carry On ($8.50 Essie) on my toes, and I will probably wear this color all fall because I just adore it! If you don’t want to fully commit to the deep red shade, you should try out Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey $17 (Sephora or Ulta). This color gives your lips a subtle sexy without going fully into that deep red.


4. Floppy Hats!Floppy-black-hat

I LOVE hats. Maybe it’s just my obsession with all things Boho this fall, but seeing all these big floppy, wide brimmed 70’s inspired hats truly bring me joy. Not only do they look chic, they offer protection from the sun and rain. Plus their moody vibe easily summons autumn into your wardrobe (I’ll definitely be wearing one this fall). You can find them everywhere in loads of color options, at all price points. Check out places like Target, ($19.99), Forever 21 ($17.90) or even H&M for ($29.99).


5. Leather Accessories!

leather wrap bracelet

Adding a leather statement to your wardrobe is a great accessory option this fall! I just ADORE a Leather Wrap Bracelet ($8.30 on Etsy)! They are a simple way to add a little drama to your look! If you feel like getting crafty check out these posts from Brit & Co., which offers a myriad of DIY leather accessory projects. My favorite was the leather earrings tutorial, which I may be making in the very near future!


6. Booties!


Have you seen all the options out there for adorable booties? They are the perfect hybrid of heels and boots, and are great to wear with your favorite jeans. I found an adorable pair at Target (where else!?), and with my Cartwheel App and Debit Red Card I got them for 45% off! I’m not kidding. (Okay, so I think my Target obsession may be showing just a little.)


7. Sweet (Coffee) Treats!


There may be a slight chance that I have a bit of a caffeine addiction. It doesn’t help me that Starbucks makes these amazingly delicious warm, sweet, and caffeinated specialty beverages like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha, as well as the Caramel Apple Cider (for those non-coffee drinkers) only during the fall months. So of course these delicious treats have become synonymous with the turning of the seasons, and they all definitely have a place on my “trends worth trying” list! Definitely treat yourself to one of these Bits of Bliss this fall!

8. Family Time!

Last, but certainly NOT least is something I’d like to advocate for as more than just a “trend”. This is something that you really should to strive to do daily. Spend time with your family! Now when I say this, I mean spend some time checking in to see how they are doing. Be present. For me, “Bits of Bliss” are really more than just things that you can buy- (yet sometimes getting yourself a little something is definitely a great “pick-me-up”). While this may sound contradictory because I just gave you a list of 7 things you can purchase, I in no way believe that acquiring these things will bring ultimate happiness. For me, I found that these things are just little treats that made me feel special, and they didn’t cost much, so I felt that each one of these “Bits of Bliss” were worth sharing. BUT all of those things are trumped by those moments I am able to spend with my family in fellowship. It is in those moments together that I am the MOST satisfied, and building our relationships together is what is most important to me.

With that said, I’d like to offer some activities to do with your family that don’t cost much, and from my experience are lots of fun.

Every year during the fall months, I bet your local community has a lot to offer. Take a trip with your family to your local pumpkin patch, apple orchard, ect. Usually they offer FREE admission (but prices vary per pumpkin or amount of fruit that you pick). You can stumble through a Haunted House or Corn Maze together. Walk around your local Fair and view the art competitions like you are at a museum gallery. Find a fun flea market to check out, and get creative by finding something you can work together on re-vamping (like turning an old door or window into a table). Shop at your local Farmers Market for fresh local produce and then make a dinner together. Go to your local church’s Harvest Festival. Your time together could even be as simple as packing a pick nick lunch and taking it to your neighborhood park to eat while sitting on a big blanket. If it’s rainy and cold, go see a local theater production or school performance, have a pick nick on your living room floor, choose a family movie, do an art project together, or play board games together. There is SO much you can do.

Just make an effort to be present in your loved ones lives. I promise those moments will beat out any little thing you purchase, and the memories you create together will last a lifetime.


Until next time…


What are your special Bits of Bliss or awesome Fall Trends? Or, do you have any special activities that you like to do with your family? I’d love for you to share!

**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies or products listed. These items are just some things I have purchased myself, tried out, enjoyed, and decided to share. Enjoy!**