Bits of Bliss: DIY Snap Scarf

Finished snap scarf

You know what is immensely satisfying? Finishing a special DIY project, and then immediately putting it on and actually wearing it around. What is even more satisfying is when you get hoards of compliments on your project! I have been on a total DIY binge ever since I did my first Blanket Scarf, and I can’t wait to show you how I did this Snap Scarf!d0812cbc90404d509aca4aa5911cd334

As many of my obsessions go, I instantly fell in love with this scarf (seen above) as soon as I saw it, and it has been sitting on my virtual “Fantasy Closet” board on Pinterest ever since. It’s been a couple of years now, and I felt it was time to try adding it into my accessory repertoire instead of adoring it from afar. Honestly, I never thought I was cool enough to pull something as interesting and lovely as this off. Isn’t it such a unique idea? Now the Etsy shop that I initially pinned it from was asking a bit more than I can spend on a scarf ($75! Eek!). Sadly, I don’t have $75 to purchase this beauty, but I do have a sewing machine, some soft flannel black & white plaid material, suede, and some snaps that have been waiting to become something extra special. I definitely think this is the perfect project to use it for!

Luckily I found a great tutorial online and decided to give it a try.
Here is a brief tutorial on what I did, and how I did it. If you want to follow the full tutorial, check it out here.

-Here is what I did-

A while back I had purchased some great black and white flannel material to make a blanket scarf (see my DIY tutorial for a blanket scarf here), but I thought that I would look much more chic with the suede & snap detail, so I decided to try making a snap scarf instead since my flannel material was really similar to what was used in the snap scarf tutorial! It is a little more involved than making a blanket scarf, but all together it only took me a couple of hours to make it. I searched online for an idea on how incorporate the leather and snap detail onto the scarf, and I came across this tutorial. It was relatively simple to understand, so I followed the artists directions for the most part.


First I cut my flannel into two 19″ x 45″ pieces. Then with right sides together I stitched across the short ends of the material and made one long and wide strip of flannel that was 19″ x 89″.


Then I folded my flannel in half lengthwise (with rights sides together) so I had a really long and skinny piece of flannel (9.5″ x 89″), and I ironed a crease down the center.


Next, I cut out two 1.5″x 9″ pieces of my suede, and rounded the outer corners just a little.


After that, I put the suede pieces in between the top and bottom of the flannel material (on the right side). I matched the suede pieces up at each short end, making sure that the edge of the suede matched up to the raw edge of the flannel material. Per the tutorial instructions, I left a 1/2″ space along the top of the piece of suede for seam allowance.


Then, using a leather needle (and using a 1/2″ seam allowance), I sewed the suede pieces sandwiched in between the flannel fabric, and around the long edge of flannel, leaving a 3″ opening at the center of the scarf to turn it right side out.


**NOTE!! Before I turned the scarf right side out, I trimmed the corners off to remove bulk from extra suede.**


After I turned my scarf right side out, I ironed it flat pressing out the corners. Then I closed up the 3″ opening in the center with a Ladder Stitch (here is a great tutorial on how to do a Ladder Stitch if you don’t know how), or you can just zip it through the machine and top stitch it closed. I chose a Ladder Stitch because I wanted it to be hidden.

For the last part, (using my “Dritz” heavy duty plier kit) I followed the directions on the snap package and added 5 snaps onto the suede material.

Voila! My AWESOME snap scarf  is ready to be worn!

Snap scarf selfie

I wore my snap scarf one chilly afternoon when I was out running some errands. I got SO many compliments and people asking “where did you get that scarf?”! Everyone was astonished when I proudly said, “I made it!”. Be prepared to get an overwhelming array of compliments on this scarf! Now, I’m thinking of opening my own fancy schmancy boutique and selling these! Lol!

If you are looking for an awesome gift idea, making a scarf is a great way to go! Try out making a snap scarf like this one, or check out my no-sew (and very budget friendly) blanket scarf tutorial!

Until Next Time…

(*Spoiler Alert! Friends and family can expect to get something handmade this year! I hope you all need a scarf!*)


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