Finding Fashion: Simple Spring Maxi

Finding Fashion Spring Insp.

(P)inspiration Outfit Photo

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to find something to wear when the weather decides to flip-flop back and forth between cold and hot. At least that’s what we’ve been experiencing. It’s super chilly in the morning, and by the afternoon it feels like the sun is mercilessly blazing down on you. That is why I was so drawn to this outfit. It’s a great transition outfit for in between the seasons. The longer maxi dress, and lightweight cardigan are great for the cooler mornings, but not so heavy that you are drenched in sweat as the day gets warmer. Plus, you can easily take off the cardigan without compromising the whole look of your “outfit”. Are you ready to see what I found? Here it is!

Finding Fashion-Simple Spring Maxi(When I was online “shopping” for this specific outfit, I could not find a simple white/cream colored jersey maxi dress that fell within the parameters of my Finding Fashion challenges, so I opted to switch the color of the dress and cardigan.)

Are you loving what you see here? Want to shop this look? Here is where I found it!

Outfit Total: $102.73

Saw it. Pinned it. DID it!

imageIn March I decided to go out and shop for my Finding Fashion Challenge: Black & White, to show that you CAN find these looks in the stores and actually WEAR them. And let’s be honest- sometimes it’s hard to tell how the outfit is going to look together (as a whole) just in separate pictures!

I had so much fun actually shopping for my Black & White outfit that I decided to do it again for this look today! Some of the items I already had on hand, so I was able to save a little money because of this. That’s what makes fashion so great! You can be inspired by something, and then go put your own unique twist on it using what you already have. Most of all, I love seeing these inspiration outfits on non-models! For me it just goes to show that you don’t have to look like the “industry standard” to make fashion look good! So, here is what I came up with!


(I opted to pair my outfit with some cute sandals instead of heels.)

  • Dress: H&M ($17.99 purchased in store), Cardigan: Target ($12.49 purchased in store on clearance), Belt: my own from years ago, Shoes: my own from Target, Purse & Necklace: my own (gift from the hubby)

I LOVE this outfit! It is SO comfortable, and lightweight! Great for running errands, or a date night!

What is your favorite “Finding Fashion” success story? I’d love to hear about it!

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**PLEASE NOTE: This blog is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned retailers. These retailers and their websites are used for the sole purpose of my Finding Fashion Challenges- finding high end clothing & looks, at ready to wear/budget prices.**