Our New Home! (Inside Tour)

As many of you know, we recently just purchased a new home! Well not a brand new home, but a new-to-us home. It’s a bit older (built in the early 1990’s) with all of those charming 90’s details, including: decorative gold/silver faucets, white tile with grey-beige grout in the bathrooms and kitchen, faux “marble” cabinet and drawer liners, black kitchen appliances, built-in wood cabinets with that popular 90’s golden brown stain color, and the piece de resistance– a forest green jacuzzi!

While the previous owners did do some updating (they painted a more modern color scheme throughout the house and added a few new light fixtures), there are still a lot of DIY projects on our honey-do list. We keep joking that we didn’t realize that we bought a “fixer upper” because of all of the little projects popping up that we feel need to be done to make this place feel like OUR home. But that’s okay with me, because it gives me the opportunity to share with you some great DIY projects and fabulous interior design ideas! (Especially for those of us on a budget!)

Today I’m going to show you the inside of the house before we fully moved in. My next post will be the exterior and yards. So, without further ado- onto why we are here today! The house tour! (The inspiring interior designer in me can’t wait to share my design journey with you!)

Front door

Front Entryway

Formal Dining room

Formal Dining


Kitchen- the old faucet HAS to go. It drips and almost won’t turn off- not good for the pocket book or the environment- we are in a drought! We will be replacing it with a gooseneck faucet in an oil rubbed bronze color to match all of the hardware on the cabinets and drawers.


Full Kitchen (during move-in)- I actually like the colors that are used in this kitchen. Eventually we will update the white tile with a granite countertop, and I will be removing and replacing ALL of the dirty faux marble lining in the cabinets and drawers. We also plan on adding some pendent lighting above the “bar” area.

Little breakfast nook- right off the kitchen

Little breakfast nook- right off of the kitchen


Family Room


Family Room Fireplace- the fireplace and mantle just feel dated and that golden brown color doesn’t really flow well with the whitewashed brick, or the dark wood floors in the rest of the house. I plan on painting the wood a bright white to help coordinate the room, and give it (and the rest of the house) a modern beachy/boho esthetic.


Hallway (cabinet)- the whole hallway is painted the same color as the dining room, the “loft”, and office/sewing room. While I really like the color, it makes the hallway feel closed in and dark. Eventually we will brighten it up with a lighter color. I will also paint the cabinet a bright crisp white to freshen it up and give it that “chill beachy vibe” I just love so much!

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom- in this picture as you can see the room is a neutral tan color, pretty much matching the carpet. Boring! First we will paint the whole room a nice light grey-blue to evoke a peaceful “beachy” vibe. Eventually we will also add hardwood instead of the carpet.


Master Bedroom- (Alcove) This will be repainted a nice bright white to help brighten up the room even more with the light grey-blue we are going to do the rest of the bedroom.


Master Bathroom- where do I even start in this room? This may be a “long-time-coming” project because I want to totally redo everything about this bathroom!


Master Closet -No your eyes are not deceiving you, the light in the closet made everything look yellow! (Yuck!) The closet color actually matches the master bedroom and bathroom, and will be repainted (a nice serene light color), and the light fixture and bulbs will definitely be changed out to give a pure bright light.


Office/Sewing Room- this room feels dark in this blue color because it’s on the small side, and the light fixture is old and noisy. I plan on eventually painting at least one wall a lighter color and updating the light. I will also finish matching the mounding at the baseboards.


This will be kiddos room!


Tree decal in the kiddos room- I wanted to take it down, but he insisted on keeping it… for now. I’m not sure how I will make it work in his “Dino” themed room, but I will try! (At least he let me take the pink butterflies off.)


Hallway Bathroom- we will definitely be painting or replacing the cabinets, as well as updating the old faucet. This room is also in desperate need of a vent fan!


Laundry Room- we purchased a new washer and dryer (obviously not pictured), and the door was replaced with a fire rated door that does NOT have a doggy door! Besides that, we will be painting the cabinets.


Stairway up to the “Loft”


Right side of the “Loft”


Left side of the “Loft”


Looking into the loft from the stairway- the color on the walls look really dark, but it is actually the same color as the formal dining room area and hallway. I can’t decide if I want to repaint this big room or not. I have a handful of ideas on what to do with this space including a “guest suite” as well as a playroom/man cave, or even a legitimate library/study! I just can’t decide!

I am truly loving working on making this house a beautiful home, and I am super excited to share the process with you! Next up is the outside of the house! I have some really fun ideas on how we are going to make our yard(s) more “environmentally friendly” since we are currently living through a serious drought.

Until next time…

**Just a FYI: We got our keys at the end of June and immediately started doing a few renovations/updates (mostly painting projects) before we moved in. We have only been living in our new home for a little over 2 weeks now. That said, some of the “projects” I am talking about on this “Home Tour” have already been done, and I will share about those in later posts. I originally wanted to share our move-in progress, but wasn’t able to because my IPad stopped working for a while. Now we are back on track, and I can’t wait to share all of our DIY projects and interior design ideas! **


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